Victoria Motel List

Admiral Motel Comfort Inn & Suites Victoria Days Inn on the Harbour, Victoria Helm’s Inn Lodge at Weir’s Beach Paul’s

Victoria Night Life List

Canoe Brewpub Christie’s Pub Darcy’s Pub Element Nightclub Hermann’s Jazz Club Lucky Bar Irish Times Pub Monkey Tree Pub Prism L

Victoria Transport List

Victoria International Airport   Victoria Transit  BC Ferries Black Ball Ferry Line

Victoria Things to Do List

Abkhazi Garden Adams Fishing Charters Alcheringa Gallery All Fun Recreation Park Art Gallery of Grea

Victoria Dining List

Barb’s Fish and Chips Barkley’s Steak & Seafood Brasserie l’√©cole

Victoria Bed & Breakfast List

Abbey Lee Bed & Breakfast  Abbeymoore Manor A Beautiful Island Away B&B A Bed On the Inlet A Bide Awhile Hospitality Home A Ha

Victoria Hotel List

Abigail’s Hotel Best Western Carlton Plaza Best Western Inner Harbour Chateau Victoria Clarion Hotel Grand Pacific Dashwood